Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Klinker Brick Old Vine Zin.

Okay, I'll be totally honest here...I bought the bottle because of the name. It struck me as funny and I thought why not?! I'm so glad I did.

This bottle (under $20 bucks) has the most amazing "smokey" aroma to it that you detect from the moment you open and the drink is fabulous. It lingers on your palette in a way that is beautiful.

I've always been a big fan of Old Vine Zinfandel wines because they are such a hearty drink. I can always anticipate a rich and intense glass of wine and the Klinker Brick didn't disappoint.

Since I had no idea who was behind this wine I had to do a little investigating. The winery is in Lodi, California and the grapes come from 110 year old vines and over five generations of family have been involved in the making of the wine. They have a great, rich history and an interesting family story. Click here to read more about the background of this winery and grape.

In the meantime add this wine to your list of "must try in 2011".


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