Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Why Decant Your Red Wines?

At a recent dinner party the subject of decanting wine came up. There were many opinions as to why someone would decant a bottle of wine. Here are my three reasons:

Older Bottles of Red Wine: Especially red wines, using a decanter will allow you to separate some of the sediment from the wine that is inevitable during the aging process.

Opens the Wine: When you decant a bottle of wine it helps to "open up" the bouquet. We drink a lot of big red wines and we recommend decanting the big wines (young or old).

It Adds to the Dinner Experience: We love to dine with friends and we feel a decanter adds a nice touch to the dinner table. It allows you to see the beauty behind each/every bottle of wine.

Obviously we're big decanters at our home. We decant every red bottle of wine we consume and on hot summer days we will decant our whites and place them in an iced stainless steel bucket. Decanting is very simple. When you decant a bottle of red wine really splash it around when you pour. Once the wine is in the decanter allow 10 to 15 minutes to sit. This allows the flavor of the wine to be enhanced by the exposure.

I love decanters and I'm always on the hunt for a great (unique) decanter. Do you have a cool decanter that you love? If so, I'd like to see it. Post a picture on my blog!

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