Friday, February 4, 2011

Tonight We Drink Red!

For those who know me and my household you know that this isn't a real surprise but since that is what we plan to do I'm going to write about it. Tonight we are drinking a bottle that was a diamond in the rough -Blackstone Sonoma Reserve Rubric. The vintage is 2005.

We received a bottle as a gift during a dinner party. Not knowing much about Blackstone we opened it and immediately wished for more. It's an amazing bottle (especially for under the $20 price point). In fact, we had to call our local wine shop during the party and make certain they put some on hold for us to pick up the next day. Now that has to be good wine, right.

Since that infamous night we've tagged the bottles of Blackstone Rubric and look forward to the day we get to open another bottle. Well, tonight is one of them.

Here are the wine maker's notes from their website (why re-write greatness, just give them credit):

The grapes for this wine are grown on estate-owned vineyards located on hillsides in the Monferrato and Langhe region of Piemonte. Ruby-red in color with purple highlights. The nose is packed with black fruit, especially blackberries and plums, with slight spicy overtones hinting at black pepper and cinnamon. Sweet, soft tannins come together in a closely-woven texture that merges with the fruit, while a crisp freshness provides a long, tasty finish.
Should you have the burning desire to purchase a bottle, do. It will be hard to find (we know, we've tried). but let us know if you do. We have purchased some Rubric '06 but we're laying it down until later this year to see if the magic will be there.


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